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"say" command in OS X

The say command is a Text-to-Speach utility that comes with OS X. It's really easy to use, all you need to do is open the terminal app and type the following syntax:

say "hello"

you can also “say” contents of a file:

say -f filename.txt

Text-to-Speach to audio file(if you want mp3 you will need to use iTunes or another converter):

say "Hello" -o ~/Desktop/say.aiff


$ say -f filename.txt -o ~/Desktop/say.aiff

There are also several different voices to play around with just run “say -v ?” to get the full list available on your system

$ say -v Zarvox "hello"

Now that you know how to use the “say” command, it's time to have fun. What I do is: setup my router to allow ssh to the OSX machine, get my public IP address, and ssh into my home computer from a remote location. Jack up the volume on the Mac (sudo osascript -e “set Volume 10”) and start issuing “say” commands. I have scared my wife countless times with this and the kids love it to.

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