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Windows PXE Server

Updated: 2016-09-26 | 17:44 EDT

There are a few Windows PXE server options available, two popular options being Serva and CCboot. These products have a free version with a limitation on the number of clients or a paid version with unlimited clients and additional features. However, if you are looking for something simple and free with unlimited amount of clients, check out this tutorial.


You will need the following:

Native Windows TFTP and DHCP can be used but for simplicity, I am using TFTPD64 which can be used for both. If you compare TFTPD and Serva they have an eerily similar graphical interface.

Install TFTP and DHCP

Download and Install TFTPD. I am using tftpd64 service edition

Select the following during installation

When the installation is complete you will see this message. Be sure to allow the application through the firewall

Configure TFTPD and DHCP

Go to Start and begin typing “tftpd”. Open “Tftpd64_SE Admin” and Select Settings

Select the Global tab and check TFTP Server and DHCP Server

Select the TFTP tab and add the following configuration

Select the DHCP tab and add the following configuration

Install Syslinux Files

Download and extract the latest Syslinux zip file from here

Locate the following files and place in the C:\tftpboot\ directory

copy %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\syslinux-4.04\core\pxelinux.0 C:\tftpboot
copy %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\syslinux-4.04\com32\menu\menu.c32 C:\tftpboot
mkdir C:\tftpboot\pxelinux.cfg\
notepad C:\tftpboot\pxelinux.cfg\default

The last command will open up a notepad. Enter the following and save:

    DEFAULT menu.c32 
    PROMPT 0 


    LABEL Test 

Time to test. Either disable the firewall or allow tftpd through(see below for details). Then turn on your computer and select the network boot option. You should then boot to the following screen:

Configure Windows Firewall

Go to Control Panel –> Firewall. Select “Allow an app or feature through WIndows FIrewall”

Make sure to select “Change settings” to allow you to select “Allow another app…“

Browse and insert the path to the tftpd64_svc

Make sure you see it the list of Allowed apps and features

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